My Top Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

Autumn/Winter might just be my favourite time of year. Wrapping  up in warm, cosy jumpers and drinking hot chocolate snuggled in my bed never gets old – snow appeals to me far more when i’m inside!

And with the change of the seasons comes a change of lipstick. Over the past few years I’ve become much more bolder in my lipstick colours – blue lipstick, I’m coming for you – and today I’m going to share with you all my top Autumn/Winter lipsticks. These are the shades that I find myself constantly leaning towards this time of year; some of them are newer purchases and some of them are golden oldies in my lipstick collection. I’ve included a few deeper lipsticks as well as some lighter ones, so fingers crossed there’s something for everyone!

Kiko Milano Lipstick in 914    £ 3.90 


First up is the lipstick that has been around the longest; I think I picked this shade up on a whim about 2 years ago and proceeded to never wear it as this shade was far too scary for 16 year old me. Once I did begin to wear it I fell completely in love with it and I really do think it 914 is the perfect Autumn/Winter shade.914 is the perfect pink/purple toned berry shade; it’s really vampy but also a lot more brighter and playful than a lot of other berry shades I own. The lipstick is sooo creamy to apply and completely brightens up your whole face! The only downside I have to this lipstick is that it isn’t quite as opaque as it appears in the bullet and does have a tendency to go onto the lips slightly patchy – this is nothing that a lip liner can’t fix though! Overall it wears lovely on the lips and leaves them feeling very hydrated which is a definite bonus for me at this time of year!

Buy online –



Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Colour in Cherry Pie   £8.99



It wouldn’t be a Autumn/Winter favourites without a classic red lip. I have searched for ageees for my perfect red lip shade, and i can 100% say that i’ve found it in this gem of a product! Although these aren’t new products, I feel like they deserve a lot more attention than they get – the shade range is insanely good and these babies really are superstaying!  Cherry Pie is a gorgeous true red, but the Superstay 24 Hour Colour range has a crazy amount of red shades, so you’re bound to find one that suits you! My biggest issue with this product is that by the end of the day I can’t get it off of my lips! The staying power of this product is amazing; you first apply the red lip product before applying the sealing balm once it’s dried. I wore this lip for a whole day and put them to the test, and i can safely say they are invincible – even after smothering my kitten in kisses he still remained white, with no hint of red on him at all! Personally I find the applicator to be a tiny bit difficult to work with and I find that it does take me a tiny bit more time to apply, but once it’s on you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day! I can see myself wearing this colour come Christmas day – finally i can eat my Christmas dinner without worrying whether my lipstick is halfway down my chin, haha!

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny   £16.00


I picked this product up a few weeks ago and.. oh wow… I need more! This shade is absolutely perfect for Autumn and Winter, it’s a lot darker and more bolder than my typical shades. Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick’s are one of my favourite formulas; to me, I feel like it applies with an almost oil-like texture onto my lips before drying down into the most opaque, rich matte shade you will ever lay eyes on… I’m in love!  Androgyny is a gorgeous deep mauve shade that, in my opinion, dries on the lips a tad bit darker than it appears in real life. I recently wore this up to London for the day and I can’t even begin to explain how comfortable this way to wear – for a colour that is so intensly opaque it really is just so lightweight on the lips. I did find myself having to reapply slightly in the middle after i’d had something to eat or drink, and by the end of the day i did find that the product had started to feather ever so slightly around the edges of my lips, however this wasn’t noticeable at all. Jeffree Star really has perfected the formula, and Androgyny is the perfect bold, unique shade to wear this season ( I need to get my hands on Unicorn Blood soon!)

Buy online –

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in London Fog   £11.50


Grey lipsticks are a trend that I absolutely love- I think they’re so different and rather edgy if i do say so myself. This time of year is perfect to try out a grey lipstick, and London Fog is favourite in my Top Autumn/Winter lipsticks! It applies to the lips as a beautiful grey/purple shade that is far less intimidating than it looks in the bullet! It’s a super smooth product that is so comfortable to wear, and stays on the lips surpisingly well for a product that is so creamy. It is a product that needs building up to become completely even on the lips, but once you do this you end up with a colour that is just so unique. I’ve gotten so much wear out of this lipstick, which wasn’t something that I expected, but I’ve found that it works well with so many looks for this time of year.

Buy online –

Essence Longlasting Nude Lipstick in Come Naturally (03)

Essence - Copy (2).jpg

Come Naturally is one of the darker shades within Essence’s nude lipstick range – this is another lipstick that I’ve treasured and used regularly for ages! When I first picked this shade up it was definitely the most adventurous shade I owned (oh how times have changed) and i always find myself gravitating towards it come this time of year. It appears as a dusky purple with grey undertones in the bullet, however once applied to the lips has a mauvy pink quality to it that it so pretty and wearable, but still has that hint of purple to it. The formula is super creamy and wearable, with a lovely satin finish – I think this is a perfect winter shade for someone who wants to play around with their lips, but isn’t quite brave enough for the deep browns and purples yet!

Unfortunately I can’t find this product anywhere  online, but there is an option on the Essence website to locate your closest store! –

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London   £5.50

nyx (3).jpg

Let’s be honest – as much as we love our darker, bold lips this time of year, we still all love a nude lip. Sometimes something a little more simple is needed; and Nyx’s London is exactly this. London is a gorgeous matte shade that is the perfect balance between a peach and a brown nude. It’s such an easy colour to just chuck on and wear, and I honestly think this is a colour that could suit almost everyone (even my mum is a fan!). I adore everything about these products; the texture is so soft and silky on the lips and wears so evenly throughout the day. If there’s one nude lip that you want to wear this Autumn/Winter then it has to be NYX’S London – this is a firm favourite of mine that I recommend all year round!

Buy online –

That’s all for now; I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and feel free to comment below and recommend your top Autumn/Winter lip products!

Love, Charlotte xoxo



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